Institutional Client Business

  • Institutional Client Business

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Product Lineup

Okasan Asset Management provides a wide variety of products to meet diversified client needs of institutional investors such as pension funds. We aim to offer highly value-added investment products even in many different market situations managed by both of our own established portfolio management teams and leading management companies in the world flexibly.

Japanese Equity
  • Absolute Return Focus (Weight control type, Full investment type)
  • Active Opportunities Management
Global Fixed Income
  • Advanced Countries High Credit Ratings Sovereign Bonds (Actively FX hedged)
  • Emerging Countries Sovereign Bonds (Cross hedged)
  • US Treasury Ladder Portfolio Linked Bonds enhanced by Call Option Management
  • Multiple Alternative Management
  • Insurance-Linked Securities Management
  • Japanese Equity Multi-Manager Management

Discretionary Investment Agreements and Investment Advisory Agreements


Securities and other financial instruments, i.e. stocks, bonds, REITs, investment trust funds, derivatives, etc., are expected to experience price fluctuations, and such fluctuations may cause the value of invested assets under discretionary investment agreements and advice rendered under investment advisory agreements to fall below the principal investment. Thereby, the investment performance shall not be guaranteed. The prospective clients are requested to assume responsibility for any losses incurred and read the delivered prospectus carefully before entering into an agreement.

The main risks pertaining to discretionary investment agreements and investment advisory agreements are listed below (but not limited to the below):

  • Price fluctuation risk
  • Interest Rate fluctuation risk
  • FX-rate fluctuation risk
  • Credit risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Derivative risk
  • Country risk
  • Investment Concentration risk


Cost of Discretionary Investment Agreements

Directly charged fees to clients
Investment Management Fees Clients may select a fee structure from Fixed Service Fee structure and Performance Fee structure stated below.
Fixed Service Fee Maximum fee calculation:
the outstanding of assets under agreement x 1.08% (1.0% net of tax) per annum, depending on the contracted period.
The fee rate will change depending on the investment strategies, assets characteristics and/or investment amounts.
Performance Fee Maximum fee calculation:
Fixed Service Fee x 40% (upper limit) +
Profit x 21.60% (upper limit)(20.00% net of tax)
Profit means the realized profit + the appraisal profit or loss in current calculation period + the accrued income in current calculation period
Other Expenses
  • Brokerage commissions and trust fees on securities included in portfolios
  • Tax and custodial fees for foreign currency denominated securities
  • Audit costs and trust related fees and expenses in case of purchasing investment trust funds

Note: those amounts may vary according to investment management status and cannot be stated in advance.

Cost of Investment Advisory Agreements

As the investment advisory fee will be determined depending on the investment strategies, the maximum or fee amounts or calculation formula thereto cannot be indicated in advance.

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